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A Fabulous Hair Makeover

Posted: 7/3/2012 2:07:30 PM

Taryn Lucas, a child care extraordinaire that lives here in Southern California, sent in her information for Kiara Bailey's Hair Makeover Giveaway and was chosen to come to Salon Benjamin and have her hair look completely revamped!  She came to Kiara with long, dark brown hair and wanted to add fullness, body and get the trendy Ombre look.

Kiara introduced Taryn to Deanna Beavers, a talented colorist that also works at Salon Benjamin.  Together, they gave Taryn the look she wanted!  Kiara used Hair Lingerie, her high end line of a hair extension alternative, to add a few inches to Taryn's already long hair and give her the fullness she wanted.

Take a peek at the video below, see the process plus the before and after of a fabulous hair makeover!