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Courtney Tallman

Courtney grew up in different parts of Southern California but spent most of her childhood in Thailand.  In adulthood, Courtney spends her time traveling all over the world exploring new places and meeting new faces when she is not in the salon practicing her craft.

Even though Courtney has been transforming people's hair into beautiful works of art since high school, it has been the last ten years that her career has soared.  After being an apprentice at Estilo, Courtney quickly worked her way up to being one of the top stylists.  She is skilled and talented in many areas, but her specialties include: highlights, colors, color correction, hair cutting, baliage, extensions, smoothing systems and styling.  Courtney's passion for her work leads her to keeping up to date on all the latests methods in order to keep the health of your hair in the best possible condition.  Who would have thought you could find a stylist that can make your hair look great, and improve its health along the way.

Courtney makes it a priority  to educate her clients and formulate remedies for their specific needs.  Some clients even call her Dr Tallman.  Courtney is excited about her most recent find - Hair Lingerie,a new, innovative hair extension technique that will save the client money and the health of their hair. 


Phone: 323-327-1119

Address: Salon Republic
8000 Sunset Blvd Suite 10
Los Angeles, CA

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Courtney Tallman