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Select a Certified Hair Lingerie Specialist by choosing a location close to you.  If you do not see your location, please ask your hair stylist to contact us and inquire about how to offer Hair Lingerie.
California    (back to states)

Dana Fowler / Belmont Shores, CA

Kiara Bailey / Beverly Hills, CA

Sarah Conner / Beverly Hills, CA

Dimitris Giannetos / Beverly Hills, CA

Garidey Griesemer / Beverly Hills, CA

Andrea Jaclyn / Beverly Hills, CA

Kazumi Morton / Beverly Hills, CA

Michael Warda / Beverly Hills, CA

Kacey Welch / Beverly Hills, CA

Erica Coe / El Segundo, CA

Amie Duarte / El Segundo & Manhattan Beach, CA

Joey Carrera / Los Angeles, CA

Cherin Choi / Los Angeles, CA

Ashley Flaherty / Los Angeles, CA

Logan Jackson / Los Angeles, CA

Naomi Knights / Los Angeles, CA

Sal Salcedo / Los Angeles, CA

Courtney Tallman / Los Angeles, CA

Amanda Jansson / Newport Beach, CA

Sarah Martin / Newport Beach, CA

Carly Zanoni / San Diego, CA

Jenna Blanchietti / San Francisco, CA

Monique Hale / Studio City, CA

Karla Chancellor / Turlock, CA

Janet Barajas / West Hollywood, CA

Audrey Rae Boyd / West Hollywood, CA

Dylan Chavles / West Hollywood, CA

Meaghan Jones / West Hollywood, CA

Andy Lecompte / West Hollywood , CA

Whitney Olson / West Hollywood, CA

Cristina Rocha / West Hollywood, CA

Priscilla Valles / West Hollywood, CA

Kennedy Van Dyke / West Hollywood, CA

Tina Roberts / Westlake Village, CA

Laura Rugetti / Woodland Hills, CA